New to Full Circle Dog Training?  Your first step is to schedule an Initial Assessment so we can discuss your needs.  From there, we will determine a training plan and you can choose a package that makes the most sense for you.  Check out the different training categories below.  Of course,there are a lot of other behaviors we can address, the descriptions below are some of the most common.


An Initial Assessment is the first step to setting you and your dog up for success.  In this FREE 15-minute discussion, we'll talk about the life and routine of your dog and the behaviors you want to address. Transparency will allow us to set realistic expectations and goals.

Taking the dog for a walk
Puppy Portrait


Congrats on the new addition to your family!  Puppies, while utterly adorable, can be a handful.  If you have a  puppy between 2 -8 months, we will cover all the seemingly impossible behaviors like biting/chewing/nipping, jumping and house training.  We'll also work on basic obedience commands as well. Hang in there!

Dogs with Dog Walker


Does your dog behave perfectly in the house, but as soon as you get outside all bets are off?  Does walking your dog feel more like you're racing in the Iditarod?  Or perhaps you think you'd make a dynamite Therapy team but need to take your skills to the next level? With advanced training, we'll apply the basic manners to the real world,  improving your dog's attention around everyday distractions and increase the challenge with impulse control exercises.


Basic manners are the foundation of a better relationship with your dog. If you and your dog are new to training, we will focus on skills to improve response rate as well as beginner commands to create polite behaviors.  Using hand signals and verbal cues, you'll have clear tools for communicating with your dog.

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Do you want to have the best behaved dog on the block? Let's get you both ready by focusing on the Canine Good Citizen Test items!  This AKC regulated, 10-item test, demonstrates you and your dog have done extensive training, work as a team and are responsible members of society.