Leigh taught me everything I know about raising my beautiful but crazy energetic, sneakily brilliant, and sensitively reactive border collie. We would be utterly lost without her. Leigh is brilliant, both at dog training and human training. Every dog owner should have a Leigh.

Alexandra S.

My dog Marcello and I were lucky to be students of Leigh. Leigh is an incredibly patient and devoted positive reinforcement dog trainer. She is able to immediately connect with the dogs in her classes and provide insightful corrections both in obedience and agility. She is also extremely quick to respond to emails and has overall awesome customer service skills. Leigh also possesses strong leadership skills, evidenced by the respect she receives from her team members.

Michelle P.

Leigh has provided me, and my pups Augie and Bobo the ability to be more confident and better behaved in the home, out in the community and in the playgroups. Leigh has been so patient and we appreciate all the hard work Leigh has put into helping us be better citizens. We loved learning from her.

Laura M.

Since I started ... with Leigh I have slowly seen my dog become more comfortable around other dogs and her attention span has been getting better. Leigh is the best she knows how to work with my dog and I ... she comes up with great solutions so my dog and I can partake in the classes and become a better team.

Evangelos R.

Leigh helped me with several of my dogs. Each has their own individual quirks and personalities and she understands that. Dogs are drawn to her and she calms them. She is also patient with their people. With Leigh's guidance, I was able to take one of my dogs through obedience up to therapy dog level.

Dina R.

Leigh was very patient with her quirks (barking nonstop, repeated running around like a nut). She's definitely got a mind of her own, but Leigh is really wonderful! She feels a bit like family to us now.

Lauren S.

Leigh was so helpful during our first 2 classes and consultation.  As first time puppy owners, we've learned so much in a short time.

Amanda C.

Leigh is great and answers all my silly questions without making me feel like a crazy dog mom.

Emily H.

Leigh is very patient, attentive and encouraging.

Andrea B.

I had a private consultation with Leigh who is absolutely wonderful. She evaluated my Louie and helped me pick the classes that would suit him best so I wouldn't waste my money. Let me just tell you, after 2 classes he is a completely different dog. His confidence is through the roof and he is mastering basic obedience already.

Kelly M.

Leigh is a natural teacher, with a way of guiding and correcting both pet and person so that you never feel ignored or silly.

Jess P.

Leigh, who is so passionate as a trainer and after her initial evaluation, convinced me that my slightly aggressive canine companion would benefit from having "a job."   Leigh is so personable and has a great energy.  After just four sessions, I can see he is a happier dog, staying more focused, and his temperament has improved.

Joseph Z.

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